Listen You're Still Scratching Your Head Figuring Out What Works and What Doesn't and What's The Right Angle of Approach for you and your business to Achieve Success Online …

“You’re Not Making Enough Money Online Because WHAT’S HOT on Internet in Digital Marketing Keeps Changing All The Time & You Don’t Have the Time, The Research Or The Patience To Keep ‘Googling’ For Advice…”

And Anyway… Let's Pretend you have that Time and Patience, You Still Need to Know and How Would You Know, Which, among Thousands Bit Of Advice is The Best for You, or Really Works?

FROM Andy's Desk:

Dear Entrepreneur *and* Marketer ( we’re often both right? ),

Let me explain, you'll be shocked!

If you're still here, then you know what I’m saying is true. Moreover, it's a solid barrier holding you back, and most of us until we figure it out, and you don't even know about it because almost nobody talks about it.

If you’re a serious Entrepreneur -and Marketer- then the value of your time is very high.

Everybody knows that “time is money” and Free Time is a Sacred Resource.

True! But also, what you NEED to be effective (without being online 24/7 scratching your head), is to stay informed and updated with all the current AND future trends, as well as all changes in the online digital marketing world.

padlockTrue again! Otherwise you will not have a clue on how to generate important revenues, and how to keep you and your business consistently growing, at the pace you desire.

With every new strategy you miss, it’s sales and lifetime customers you don’t get… and it is that simple.

You’ll be left behind in this faced paced world.

So there you go, if you want to make any money worth talking about, you need to know what’s hot and really works and what’s not. And, without spending all day doing research and trying to figure it all out by yourself, like you've been doing until now.

Enough, there must be a better way!

Why have I come to a point of being much exasperated with folks as you, an entrepreneur who’s only trying to make a living online, being involved in such approach for research and method of Digital Marketing?

Well, it’s because nowadays, in such modern times, this method has become a counter productive backward approach, and it’s sad because you should spend your precious time making sales and money! This is what should be your main daily activities right? So…

You deserve better!

Any important business and marketing information you need should be more accessible, of the best quality and arrive in your hands faster. Nothing like all the messing about going for new ideas and finding good tools or templates (or process models) you can use, only to find yourself very much disappointed at the end.

In my early days, when I started and before I realize and understood all this, I was signing up for gazillions of different things because I didn’t know where I could find it all in one place. I was completely overwhelmed, as well as my email box.

And so that means I needed to solve this messy and scattered time-waster of a problem… fast.

Here's What I Needed:

One Single Access Where You Could Find All Of The Latests and Best Hacks, Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Updates One Can Find As They Happen

…Delivered Straight To You!

emailThat’s right, directly to you… so you don’t have to go by yourself spending hours looking for the precious information you need.

You see, things go so fast nowadays that by the time you start mastering one aspect of Digital Marketing, then what's coming around the corner is a new, fresh solution…

…now you must return and restart your process all over again, only so you can find what’s all the fuss about that new solution … and … IF ever… it’s worth it… Can you imagine?

No way, that’s crazy. You’ll never catch up.

I know this for a fact, and I know that this is one of the major reasons, if not the ultimate, that is seriously holding you back, unnecessarily, to getting on the right track and start what’s called “making money” online.

I definitely had to put on my head the marketing technology guy hat and seriously start thinking about an ultimate solution.

headSo I had one of my “flash in a snap” moments…

What if I hire real life experts to keep me up to date? I would receive real time advice those experts could provide me on a regular basis, and that would help me put together an amazing exclusive resource published as a newsletter and access to a secret information center protected for the use of subscribers only.

And now, what if I could let you subscribe to this special resource so that as we find out the latest hacks, tips and updates as they happen, we (with my team of experts) could instantly report it back to you?

That means no more manual research labor and guessing sucking up your time and wallet!

I mean, there's nothing wrong with manual labor, but in such case, it's seriously time-consuming. Worse, it will leave you lots of more-or-less guessing, with at least as much trial and error.

And, by the time you seem to make it through, there's a better way to do things, while you don’t even have completed your “training” … not even being well informed.

And that happens when you're looking for what you believe you should be looking for according to what you've already learned and know about.

Now then…

How do you know what you MUST know?

And, HOW can you go searching for something you must know about, when you don’t even know WHAT you need to know?

The Proud Dilemma

directionsI know you might want to do everything for yourself and take all the time it takes to figure it all and to do it, and I admire that. This is exactly me when I started out! I had much drive, full of vision and ambition.

But eventually got tired of running up a hill, plus the money wasn’t rolling as much as I desired because such situation was keeping me at the stage of working IN my business, instead of working ON my business.

I was, you know, the one man band – the research guy, the development guy, the website guy, the support guy, the guy who made the mistakes, and then had to fix them, and then you also had the constantly-reading-and-writing guy.

I promise you, it gets very old after a while, especially when you want to move onto new projects and are worn down from trying to get the last one right before you do.

dislikeIt’s just so de-motivating to go it alone. Whether that is wanting to promote your website, increase your traffic, design new products, use social media, find out what’s converting well or create better campaigns, or even what’s the latest automated marketing tool…

You need to be honest with yourself:

Trying to get it perfect alone, with no short-cuts or quality advice and tools is just needless in trying. You will encounter so much trial and error, you will have to read and cross-examine the information and tips you do attempt to follow and meanwhile…

I knew I could solve this problem for you, for good…

You Should Not Count on, Nor Engage In Manual Research for Internet Marketing and Automation Technology, Here's Why…

Trying to find out who’s who in Digital Marketing on Internet, plus what to do, when, were and how, is totally draining!


experts teamManual research has become a thing of the past – now you only need a team of experts working for you that will just deliver all of those constantly changing pieces of advice and trends right to you – so you need no more to keep going to look for advice!

Looking for help by yourself is tiring, and boring, and you can’t even be sure if what you have found is real expert advice or only some random ones trying to get traffic to their blog.

You very likely won’t have the patience to find out either… if anything, this whole daunting research task will make anyone forget about making money online.

The problem is, if you don’t do the research and you don’t know what is going on online or what the experts are doing and recommending – you are going to face a lot of hassles, problems and make a lot mistakes, all which will contribute to adding even more time-wasting blocks against yourself.

I’ve always had the desire to help people as much as I can to make money online, as I have.

computer messagingAnd with this idea of an experts team to keep me updated with the latest marketing advice, I decided that I would offer something different – An amazing shortcut!

When I started to do business and marketing online, there was hardly anything like this available and if there was it wasn’t overly relevant, let alone easily accessible, to a business owner like you. That was frustrating.

Because, as an Internet Marketing tactician and consultant, with a passion to help others, I knew I had to find a way.

I had become very much exasperated of hearing my poor clients, telling me stories like how they were going through long boring days, signing up to Internet Marketing forums and Facebook groups.

Those change constantly anyway, and it's even more tiresome to try to squeeze out the latest, hottest, and right, topics and strategies out of all this, to follow to do business online.

All my clients wanted is a meaning to constantly be kept current and stay ahead of their competition.

And rightly so, because you can’t exactly be an expert seller or marketer without first knowing what’s going on out there! You’re not exactly psychic as far as I can imagine, and it would not fair to expect yourself to be either.

chatStill, it was super annoying as there was not a single good source of any real relevance to online entrepreneurs, where they could subscribe to – a precious resource that would keep you in the loop with every aspect of Digital Marketing. From the ideal way of blogging, to video creation, to social media, to the latest AI tools and Marketing Automation development. Whatever is booming and making money.

I also needed to add something that could help propel my clients' efforts!

This means you also need and deserve some free templates, and documents thrown in (some great stuff already created by superstar copywriters, to save even more time time) that can be customized so that you don't have to create everything from scratch, and waste a whole week doing it wrong, or even worse paying someone else to do it wrong.

There had to be a better way.

You see, at some point in my research for the solution I had put on the “investigator guy” hat. 😉

Eventually, I started to look up the most successful entrepreneurs, (you know, the ‘rags to riches’ guys type) to see how they rose to the top making money online as fast as they claim.

Now, would you be surprised that it turns out it was the little secret solution we're discussing here right now that made all the difference and made them much more effective than the rest of us online!


“I Discovered That The Most Successful and Richest Digital Marketers On Internet have systems Allowing Them to Work Smarter Not Harder. They Make Things They Need Come To Them…”

Let's see a very good example of how well this strategy works, we can all look towards a very well known and legendary automobile tycoon, named Henry Ford. The guy who brought up the famous car line carrying his name.

a guy for everything

He never, ever did all of the work himself.

He had a ‘guy’ for everything that he needed a guy for, that he kept connected to (at all times)…

  • Research – he had a guy for that
  • Development – he had a guy for that
  • Market Analysis – he had also a guy for that
  • Emergencies – he had a guy for that
  • Latest worldwide news, flops, trends – you get the point…

In fact, what he did to become so successful is the same thing you are going to do from now on; only faster – online, making money while you sleep.

The answer you need is now available online and already taking the Digital Marketing Internet community by storm… The number who can access will be limited at the start.

You Will Get Access to The Only Monthly Resource That Reports Back and Keeps You Updated Like Your Very OWN Business Advisor

(with Latest HOT Topics & Constantly Updated from the Most Prolific Expert Advice Available)

I’m heavily invested into research and evidence since my beginnings – I think it’s essential for anyone to make real money, because the market and its trends are constantly changing.

Now, most of the time one does not have the money to hire experts to cover every aspect of Digital Marketing on Internet, especially experts that will be accurate every time with every changing facet that keep going as the year goes by, and new trends and strategies become available or new tools are released.

So I thought to myself – it’s time to create a powerful online resource as a high-quality well researched newsletter that can be used as a tool and that is:

  • Written by me and select experts/partners in their respective Internet marketing fields
  • Delivered to your inbox each month so that you never miss a market trick, software or update
  • Cost-effective and has only premium content, advice and additionally free (useful) bonuses you could use to sell far better than you have been
  • Including Digital Internet Marketing advice that cover everything you COULD EVER need to be successful in Digital World – from social media, to YouTube, to content creation with use of AI and affiliate marketing
  • A highly converting, reviewed and respected newsletter that people praise time and time again
  • Immensely useful, timely informative and packed with value for you and your online business or website
  • Fully Aware of the marketplace inside and out
  • Always telling the truth as it unfolds
  • NEVER EVER using stagnant or old news and information like a majority of websites
  • Professionally designed in easy PDF format like a real glossy magazine, nothing like a standard ‘boring’ newsletter

This Team is Constantly on the Look Out For What's Working and What's Converting To Report Back To You How Much Easier Could It Get?

AnyIf you fere's some of the topics and tools which are covered:

YouTube: You lean easy insider tricks to making ridiculously simple videos that send traffic and sales to you on autopilot

Blogging: How to get your readers positively addicted to your content from the very first time they visit.

Conversion: How to literally quadruple your sales conversion, guaranteed. You learn to make 4 times the profits from the SAME traffic… all inside.

Outsourcing: This is a key to making millions, yet most marketers get it totally wrong. I’ll tell you how to use outsourcing to make your first 5, 6 and eventually 7 figure incomes.

JV: For Joint Ventures, and if you're confused about successful JVs or think you don’t have anything to offer? Guess again! There are over 20 methods to create great joint ventures with almost anyone.

Offliners: If you find rejection hard. Be it known that there are 5 simple services you can offer that will have real businesses begging for your services.

Persuasion: Top tactics for quickly and easily turning prospects into buyers using the Jedi mind tricks of a master hypnotist. (Your prospects won’t stand a chance with you using these psychological hacks!)

Fiverr Secrets: There are many ways through special websites in the like to earn $500 or even more per week, doing simple little things using online tools that require almost no skill.

Facebook: Anyone can make a killing on Facebook with a $50 budget and zero experience. You simply need to know how

Masters' Marketing Tips: Learn to completely differentiate yourself from every other online or even offline marketer out there. This is self-branding tactics used to make far MORE money without spending a dime on advertising! And remember – these tips are constantly updated so that they change instantly with the market.

Niches: Discover niches that are just begging to be exploited. We’re talking low competition and high profits.

List building: How to continually build a list of enthusiastic spenders without ever selling a single product (indispensable!).

Webinars: There's a step-by-step system anyone can use to host a profit-pulling webinar – even if you don’t have anything to sell and you hate speaking!

Podcasting: How to tailor your podcast to stand out from others. Design yours to become a non-stop money maker with little known techniques.


You get the NEWS and latest hot RESOURCES & most current ideas all related to Marketing your Business on Internet, so there is nothing that will go unused!

And here is a screenshot showing all the inside pages full of solid content, of one of our most recent issues:

newsletter issue

As you can see it's mainly rich in content, no fluff, no advertising, only powerful and useful information content that will change the way you view and do business online.

Subscribe Right Now and Receive Access also to my Super Exclusive AKA Podcast every month:


ONLY $97 per month.

You get everything and you'll be able to access the current issue together with the ‘ready-to-go' Bonuses Instantly!

I’ll tell you right now, everything that is keeping you from making money from home is obvious:

• You don’t know what the market is doing
• You do not have access to REAL LIFE EXPERTS in the field
• You do not have time to do the product research

In fact the best marketers as I’ve said, aren’t into working harder they’re just working smarter.

They are getting access to the best quality content, advice and tools… ensuring that it is updated regularly, is current, is selling and is all ready to go.

Starting from scratch is just unrealistic and time consuming.

And If You Don’t Benefit Massively From Your Subscription, Then You Can Keep Your Money, it's that simple

That’s how sure I am that you will find so much value in this relationship. I am willing to give you your money straight back.

All you have to do is try it with zero risk.

ONLY $97 per month.

You get everything and you'll be able to access the current issue together with the ‘ready-to-go' Bonuses Instantly!

So, my only question now is – are you subscribed yet?

Yours in clever business,

Andy Voice